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Dear Chairman of the Family Practice Department,

This letter is to thank everybody very much in your hospital for being so caring during my admission, from 6/6/2006 to 6/14/2006.

Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli is my primary care physician and I saw him for a visit on 6/6/2006. At that time, Dr. Mazzoccoli was very concerned about my health condition, he called my cardiologist and I was seen at his office right away. The cardiologist made the recommendation to have an emergency room evaluation, because I was experiencing malignant hypertension and congestive hearth failure. When I went to the emergency room, I was treated immediately for my condition and I started feeling better right away.

Dr. Mazzoccoli and my cardiologist have been very supportive and helpful throughout my hospital stay. Because I was found to have anemia, I underwent upper and lower endoscopy with removal of colon polyps done by the gastroenterologist.

Dr. Mazzoccoli has been always very concerned about my medical problems and my health condition has improved ever since he is my primary care physician. My diabetes and my blood pressure are now much improved and he cares about my health thoroughly and efficiently.

Dr. Mazzoccoli is a very kind, experienced, thorough and dedicated physician. This hospital should be proud of having doctors like him in the medical staff. Please save this letter in Dr. Mazzoccoli chart at your hospital.

Thanks again for your help.



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