In Premier Family Medical, our mission is to improve lives in the community by providing comprehensive health care and various wellness services.

At Premier Family Medical Center, we understand that the quality of healthcare we provide is greatly enhanced by our collaborative partnerships with various healthcare entities. Each partner plays a unique role in supporting our mission to deliver comprehensive, high-quality medical services. Here, we introduce our key partners who contribute diverse expertise and resources, enriching the healthcare experience for our patients.

Important Patient Care Through Partnerships

These partnerships are central to our operational model at Premier Family Medical Center. By joining forces with specialists in various aspects of healthcare, we not only expand our capabilities but also enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the treatments we provide. This network of partnerships ensures that every patient receives care that is both holistic and tailored to their individual needs.

The list of resources:

Regional Diagnostic Laboratories (

RDL offers advanced diagnostic services, including blood tests, biopsies, and specialized imaging. Their state-of-the-art facilities and quick turnaround times support our commitment to accurate and expedient diagnosis, aiding in the effective management of patient health outcomes.

Happy Family Store (
HFS integrates directly with our electronic health records, providing a streamlined process for prescription management. This partnership ensures that our patients have convenient and continuous access to their necessary medications without delay, enhancing adherence to prescribed therapies.

Cardiovascular Health Institute (

CHI partners with us to provide specialized cardiovascular care. Their team of renowned cardiologists works closely with our primary care providers to offer patient-centered, cutting-edge cardiovascular treatments and interventions. This partnership allows us to offer a higher level of care for patients with heart-related ailments.

Community Wellness Network (

CWN collaborates with Premier Family Medical Center to offer community-based health programs focusing on lifestyle changes, nutrition, and preventive care. Their workshops and seminars are crucial in educating our patients about the importance of a proactive approach to health.

Med-Tech Innovations (

MTI provides the latest in medical technology and devices. Through our partnership, we have access to advanced medical equipment that enhances the quality of care we offer, from diagnostic tools to treatment devices, ensuring that our facilities remain at the cutting edge of medical technology.

Behavioral Health Solutions (

Understanding the importance of mental health in overall wellness, BHS works with us to integrate behavioral health services into our practice. They provide specialized support for mental health issues, offering both in-person and telehealth consultations, which is essential for holistic patient care.

Nutritional Advisory Council (

NAC provides our patients with access to registered dietitians and nutritionists. This partnership supports our preventive medicine efforts and helps patients make informed dietary choices, which are integral to managing chronic diseases and promoting overall health.

Our Commitment to Community Health

Premier Family Medical Center remains dedicated to improving community health outcomes by maintaining strong partnerships with leading healthcare professionals and organizations. By leveraging these relationships, we ensure that our patients have access to comprehensive services and the highest standard of care available.

We are continually seeking new partnerships and exploring innovative practices that can enhance our service delivery. This includes adopting new medical technologies, expanding our service offerings, and refining our operational processes to meet the growing health needs of our community.

We are committed to a process of ongoing evaluation and feedback, which helps us understand the effectiveness of our partnerships and identify areas for improvement. Our goal is not just to maintain the status quo but to set new standards in healthcare delivery that others in the industry might follow.