In Premier Family Medical, our mission is to improve lives in the community by providing comprehensive health care and various wellness services.

Full payment is due at the time of service, unless Premier Family Medical has a contract with your insurance carrier. In that case Premier Family Medical will submit the claim three times. If there is no response after the third submission, the charge will become the responsibility of the patient or his guarantor. If Premier Family Medical submits a claim for services rendered to the patient identified above, you will obligated to pay Premier Family Medical for any amounts identified by you carrier as patient responsible, including co-payments, deductibles and coinsurance. You are also responsible to pay Premier Family Medical for any services deemed ineligible or not covered by your insurance plan. Premier Family Medical will not bill you for contracted fee adjustments. Co-payments are due at time of service as well as all other outstanding balances due for the patient receiving medical services and/or any other immediate family member. We accept payment by check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, money order or cash. Please make sure you have your check book, credit card, money order  or cash money available to pay your fees BEFORE you come to our office.

Patients who are not able to honor their fees will not be seen by the physician, unless other arrangements have been made.

The parent accompanying a minor or child is responsible for payment of care. Minors cannot be seen without a parent or a signed request by the parent for us to provide care with few exceptions.

If payment is not received from your insurance company after 60 days, you will be sent a statement requesting payment. After 90 days, delinquent accounts are subject to collection. A monthly payment plan is available by special request. Insurance benefits related to services provided by Premier Family Medical received directly by the patient must be promptly assigned and forwarded to Premier Family Medical.

If there is a balance due after the insurance processes the claim, the patient must pay it in full within 30 days of the monthly billing date. If a balance becomes overdue, a late charge of 1.5% will be assessed each month. Failure to keep an account current may result in Premier Family Medical being unable to provide additional services. In case of default on payment of the account, collection costs and reasonable attorney fees incurred in attempting to collect on the amount or any further outstanding balances will be charged to the patient.

An administrative processing fee of $10 will be charged if the patient  neglects to pay his/her copayment at the time of service and a fee of $50.00 will be charged if the patient misses his appointment without providing at least 24 hours notice.

Premier Family medical outsources all of its accounts receivable to a billing service. Outsourcing all these functions to one organization maximizes effectiveness and efficiency into one seamless operation, so that we can focus on quality health care delivered to our patients. From billing statements, reminder notices, and including all phases of debt collections, all gets processed by our billing service. Please address all phone calls and customer problems, complaints, questions, etc. regarding your statement to our billing service: DR ADVANTAGE, LLC @ 973-706-7063. Our billing service can assist in arranging a payment plan, if necessary. Their website is: