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Re: Patient GF

Dear President of the Medical staff Office,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli, and the staff of your Hospital for the exceptional care my father Gerardo was given during his many visits to your hospital within the last few months. My father was admitted at the end of January with pneumonia, and again in March with a stroke.

Our experience with my father was very stressful and confusing. Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli conducted himself as a courteous caring professional doctor. He spoke to as at great length regarding his conditions. He offered us medical knowledge, courteous bedside manners, and compassion. The nursing staff at your hospital was very helpful and caring as well.

Due to my father turn for the worse after the stroke and his wishes for no-life support, he slowly was slipping from our presence and we lost him on [date] with a stroke. During this critical phase of his care, Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli made himself available 24/7 by visiting his bedside and being available and accepting calls regarding my father’s condition. He explained options for a feeding tube and what the outcome would be if we choose to honor my father’s wishes.

It was a pleasure to have met Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli and have him care for my father. I thank your hospital for having such an experienced and dedicated doctor on staff. I have recommended the doctor to my sister and husband for family care and I would to others. I would like to ask to have this letter listed in Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli’s records.

Thanks again for your attention to this letter.

Sincerely yours


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