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Self Verified Patient

I have known Dr Vito Mazzoccoli for over 20 years and I have not known him for anything less than respect, professionalism and care for his patients. Within this 20 years I have moved a few times due to the nature of my work and other factors, each time I happen to move far away from the office of the Premier Family Medical, but I never look for another family physician. I always come to Premier Family Medical office no matter how far away I am. Currently I drive a little over one and half hour one way, to visit the Premier Family Medical in East Hannover facility New Jersey. Dr Mazzoccoli is processional, a good listener especially in today’s world that Doctors don’t take time to listen to their patients but devote more time for insurance red tapes, paper work, and bureaucracies.

Dr Mazzoccoli takes his time to listen and give full attention to his patients, answering their questions and addressing their concerns to the patient’s full satisfaction and give them good sound advice that has make a big difference in their life The office of Premier Family Medical is staffed with good personnel and medical professionals who knows their work and take pride on their work in taking great care of their patients. They are very respectful staffs and make me feel welcome and warm. Their new facility in East Hanover is clean luxurious and magnificent, filled with all modern medical equipment to give best care to their patients. It has a large parking lot both in front and behind the property. I never have to look for parking space because there is more than enough. The office is accessible from major highways, Route 27, Route 46 and Route 10 and others. Well located at Bloomfield avenue Caldwell NJ and Ridgedale Avenue East Hannover NJ.

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