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by Filippo

Dr. Mazzoccoli is very caring and knowledgeable. His office hours are convenient and I have always been able to see him on short notice. I have referred several friends to him and they have all been very satisfied.

by Lindsey

Dr. Mazzoccoli is very knowledgeable in his specialty of family medicine. He is compassionate and caring. I visit for severe fibromyalgia pain and he has been very helpful. My family also sees him and feel he is generous and are impressed by his bedside manners!

by Allison

I have recently moved here from New York City and was very attached to my doctor, however I had to change because it was just too far to travel. I was very scared because I wanted to find someone I could trust and truly put my life in this persons hands. Dr. Mazzoccoli is the one! He is one of the best doctors that have ever treated me in my life. His bed side manner is outstanding he is always there for you and truly is concerned about you. He is through in his exams and he always follows up to see how you are. I have recommended him to my friends and family and they all think he is great. His staff is excellent. He is extremely bright and he is not an alarmist. Anytime I have been sick or had a problem he has helped me. If you need a doctor for whatever is bothering you , this is the man to call . He is truly dedicated to his work and all of his patients. He takes his time with you and explains everything step by step. If you need a doctor , in my opinion look no further than Dr. Mazzoccoli – he is the best.

by Hilda

Excellent doctor: Best doctor in town, very thorough and extremely patient. Good staff with nice personality!


by John and Susan

Dear Medical Director of Clinical Affairs,

We, John and Susan the children of C.D., wish to commend the entire staff of your hospital that ministered to our mother.

There was no one staff member – doctor, nurses, interns, nurses assistants and all the various specialists and technicians – who failed to provide excellent care in our opinion, all were unfailingly courteous, informative and kind. We were impressed by their knowledge and persistence in getting to the root of our mother’s problem.

Before her stay at your hospital, since April of this year, our mother was in two different hospitals and only your staff found what appears to be the root cause of her recent multiple hospitalizations.

In particular, we wish to mention the staff of the CICU, as well as Doctor Mazzoccoli, the pulmonologist and the gastroenterologist.

Our profound thanks.

by Marion

Re: Patient GF

Dear President of the Medical staff Office,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli, and the staff of your Hospital for the exceptional care my father Gerardo was given during his many visits to your hospital within the last few months. My father was admitted at the end of January with pneumonia, and again in March with a stroke.

Our experience with my father was very stressful and confusing. Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli conducted himself as a courteous caring professional doctor. He spoke to as at great length regarding his conditions. He offered us medical knowledge, courteous bedside manners, and compassion. The nursing staff at your hospital was very helpful and caring as well.

Due to my father turn for the worse after the stroke and his wishes for no-life support, he slowly was slipping from our presence and we lost him on [date] with a stroke. During this critical phase of his care, Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli made himself available 24/7 by visiting his bedside and being available and accepting calls regarding my father’s condition. He explained options for a feeding tube and what the outcome would be if we choose to honor my father’s wishes.

It was a pleasure to have met Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli and have him care for my father. I thank your hospital for having such an experienced and dedicated doctor on staff. I have recommended the doctor to my sister and husband for family care and I would to others. I would like to ask to have this letter listed in Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli’s records.

Thanks again for your attention to this letter.

Sincerely yours

by Michael

Dear Medical Director of Clinical Affairs:

It is with immense gratitude that I have the pleasure to write this letter to you.

I was admitted to your hospital for medical problems and fractures of my vertebra following a fall at home on March 7, 2007. Having never been a patient in your hospital in the past, I was under the care of Vito Mazzoccoli.

Dr. Mazzoccoli’s bedside manner as an individual was excellent. His medical care and diligence to me was absolutely superb and his care to me during my hospitalization was well beyond anything I could have imagined.

Dr. Mazzoccoli is a great addition to your medical staff and I feel so fortunate to have found him and will continue as his patient as an outpatient.

Your hospital provided me with outstanding medical and personal care and I thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

by Receolina

Dear Chairman of the Family Practice Department,

This letter is to thank everybody very much in your hospital for being so caring during my admission, from 6/6/2006 to 6/14/2006.

Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli is my primary care physician and I saw him for a visit on 6/6/2006. At that time, Dr. Mazzoccoli was very concerned about my health condition, he called my cardiologist and I was seen at his office right away. The cardiologist made the recommendation to have an emergency room evaluation, because I was experiencing malignant hypertension and congestive hearth failure. When I went to the emergency room, I was treated immediately for my condition and I started feeling better right away.

Dr. Mazzoccoli and my cardiologist have been very supportive and helpful throughout my hospital stay. Because I was found to have anemia, I underwent upper and lower endoscopy with removal of colon polyps done by the gastroenterologist.

Dr. Mazzoccoli has been always very concerned about my medical problems and my health condition has improved ever since he is my primary care physician. My diabetes and my blood pressure are now much improved and he cares about my health thoroughly and efficiently.

Dr. Mazzoccoli is a very kind, experienced, thorough and dedicated physician. This hospital should be proud of having doctors like him in the medical staff. Please save this letter in Dr. Mazzoccoli chart at your hospital.

Thanks again for your help.


by Nicki

Re: Patient GC

Dear President of the Medical staff Office,

I am writing this letter in appreciation of the successful outcome of my father’s hospitalization at your hospital under the supervision of Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli. My father GC was transferred from the nursing home to the emergency room of your hospital on 5/29/06, due to severe respiratory distress, fever and confusion. During his emergency room stay, despite all efforts, he continued to deteriorate with increasing difficulty breathing and was ultimately intubated by the emergency room physician and connected to a ventilator. The emergency room physician told us that my father was going to be admitted to the intensive care floor, under the medical supervision of the on-call physician, Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli.

We were extremely concerned about my father’s condition, considering that he suffers from several concurrent medical problems, including diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, anemia, hypertension, dysphagia secondary to multiple strokes suffered in the past with subsequent PEG tube insertion. We were wondering whether the assigned physician would have been able to manage the case, until we met Dr. Mazzoccoli at my father’s bedside.

Dr. Mazzoccoli spoke to us at length regarding my father’s critical condition, answering all the questions we had on that regard. We had the pleasant opportunity to appreciate his excellent bedside manners, medical knowledge, courteous and compassionate interaction with patient’s relatives. Dr. Mazzoccoli assured us that he would do his best to overview and coordinate my father’s care at your hospital. That positive and professional approach immediately gave us the impression that luckily we had my father in good hands. My mother, my brother and I felt so much better after meeting with such an outstanding physician.

During the following several days, Dr. Mazzoccoli constantly interacted with me regarding the proceedings of my father’s condition and subsequent plans. All specialists consulted by Dr. Mazzoccoli were also very involved in my father’s care, working as a team lead by Dr. Mazzoccoli. We were so deeply touched by the special treatment received that we asked Dr. Mazzoccoli to request privileges to the nursing home where my father was transferred upon discharge from the hospital, so that he would be able to continue following my father’s care at that facility.

My father was extubated on 6/4/06, and is currently admitted to a regular floor, in stable condition. Hopefully, he will be transferred soon to rehabilitation.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to your hospital administration, medical and nursing staff for the wonderful care offered to my father. Physicians like Dr. Mazzoccoli make your hospital a special place for the entire community to count on for the care of their loved one. I would recommend Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli to anybody who needs a dedicated, capable and experienced physician who treats patients and relatives with class and respect.

Our family wishes Dr. Mazzoccoli the best career at your hospital. I am asking for this letter to appear in the permanent record of Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli.

Thank you very much for your kind attention.

Sincerely yours,