In Premier Family Medical, our mission is to improve lives in the community by providing comprehensive health care and various wellness services.

I have been a patient of Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli at Premier Family Medical in Caldwell for many years. I have never been to an office with such nice people. Kind individuals work there and they are truly concerned about you. Dr. Mazzoccoli goes over and beyond to try to find out what’s wrong with you, he is a very knowledgeable doctor. I have nothing but great things to say about this medical office. They are all very caring, return calls, refill prescriptions when needed, fit you in the schedule when you are sick and need to be seen immediately. Parking is never a problem, there is a very nice and easy to access parking lot. He always accommodates my requests for appointments and if he can’t see me in the Caldwell office, he will be happy to schedule my appointment in his East Hanover office. I would highly recommend Dr. Mazzoccoli, if I could give him 10 stars I would. His office is super clean. Lastly, I must say I would not go to any other doctor but him because of all the knowledge. One example: my cousin was with me one day she looked pale. He nailed it and said she look like she might be anemic and should have her blood checked. It turned out exactly what he had said, she needed to have blood transfusions to bring up her levels. If you want a good doctor go see Dr. Vito Mazzoccoli.