Premier and comprehensive health care for the entire family


Our pledge to you is Premier, Comprehensive, Caring and Personalized service for the entire family, including pediatric, adolescent, adult, geriatric and women health care. It is what makes Premier Family Medical different. It is what makes Premier Family Medical better.

“My goal as a physician is to be a compassionate and competent doctor who provides exemplary, comprehensive and cost-effective health care for patients and families of the community while honoring the gift of life that is found in every individual through all of its stages. The highest quality of care is only possible when a physician and his patient establish a relationship as individuals and then carry on frank and open discussion” Dr. Mazzoccoli says.

Emphasis on self care and individual responsibility with “physician as a consultant” is encouraged.
Confidentiality is of outmost importance and shall always be strictly adhered to.

Your opinion concerning the care you receive in our office is greatly appreciated.

Medicine is a service profession, and therefore we are in medical practice to serve you.

We partner with the best hospitals and facilities in the area to insure fast and reliable emergency room services, quality and efficient inpatient care, top diagnostic and ambulatory procedures for our patients. We also partner with the best specialists in the area to insure expedite, easy access to high quality consultation services.

You have a choice in your health care.

Premier Family Medical is here to meet your needs today and for all of your tomorrows.